Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad is Indeed Magic

A perfect boost to the already amazing iPad

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Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which Apple launched back in May 2020, marks a major improvement over Apple’s previous offerings. It offers sturdier keys with much deeper travel, a base that feels much more durable, adjustable viewing angles, and a floating design — all updates that were much-needed to make the iPad Pro an appealing laptop alternative.

In my honest opinion, it successfully delivers on the promise. Although there are things that you cannot do all that can be changed with software. The iPadOS will lead the change and drive the iPad’s user experience to be more laptop-like.

Bear in mind that this is not a comparison of the iPad with a MacBook Air or any other laptop. Let’s get into the benefits of using the iPad with the Magic Keyboard.

Best-in-class trackpad

Apple added trackpad and mouse support to the iPad in its iOS 13.4 update, an addition that’s critical for owners using their iPad for productivity. And the magic keyboard has an inbuilt, super amazing trackpad. It is one of the best trackpads that you can use on any keyboard cases or laptops.

The iPad has a small, round cursor that conforms to various buttons and interface elements throughout the operating system. That makes it a bit easier to be more precise in an operating system that’s quite different from macOS or Windows 10. Plus, the trackpad supports the same touch-based gestures for switching between apps as the iPad’s touch screen. It is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Having a trackpad will save you the hassle of having to reach up and touch the display to navigate the iPad’s software, making it feel more laptop-like.

The typing experience is in no way compromised

The keys themselves offer a good amount of depth and feedback, especially for a case, and the layout is spacious enough to avoid feeling cramped. That too on an 11-inch model.

The setup experience is also a breeze; simply press the iPad Pro against the top half of the case above the keyboard, and it automatically attaches and pairs via Apple’s smart connector. With the adjustable viewing angles and no kickstand, you can use it in a variety of different places, be it standing desks, or your lap, or your dining table.

Ability to ditch websites for apps

This is not directly related to the magic keyboard but it is one of the best outcomes for using the iPad with the keyboard. Whenever you are surfing through different websites, you have the ability to jump to the apps directly when you open the link. An example would be a link to a tweet or a link to a subreddit, or a YouTube video, or a Medium article.

Trust me using apps is a far better experience than using websites. You don’t get the annoying Subscription Pop-Ups and Accept Cookies questions.

The iPad is just a slight pull away

Instead of a case that you snap the iPad Pro into, it’s designed so you can simply plop the iPad Pro onto the mount magnetically. There are multiple strong magnets on either side of the mount to keep the iPad Pro in place. There is no chance your iPad will slip away from the magnetic connection without a serious jolt. Where the magnets are positioned on the mount, in conjunction with the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector support means the iPad snaps into place. It’s a very elegant design. This allows for a very smooth transition from laptop experience to the iPad experience.

Final Thoughts

I have been using the Magic Keyboard with the 11-inch iPad Pro (2020) for a couple of months and I often forgot that I am working off of a tablet. It mimics both the look and feel of a real laptop, making it comfortable to use at my desk or my lap.

There’s also the fact that it is super portable, super powerful and allows me to do almost 90 percent of my daily tasks, like emailing, reading, surfing, writing, taking notes, and gaming.

This is by far the most versatile device I have ever used.

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