Top 11 Newsletters For Developers

Newsletters covering Kotlin, GraphQL, Flutter, React, Python, Distributed Systems, Databases, NoSQL, etc.

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A good newsletter is curated by someone who knows the topic inside and out. You don’t have to waste your time hunting for knowledge. And that is why there is a lot of newsletters out there. So, I decided to spend some time and put all of them together in one list. You will find the top 11 newsletters for developers.

I hope this list helps you find more valuable content and keeps you updated with the latest news and trends that exist out there. It contains newsletters for Kotlin, GraphQL, Flutter, Distributed Systems, Frontend, and Databases.

But before we get into the list I would like to share this amazing chrome extension that gives you a list of articles whenever you open up a new tab. It is called Daily. You don’t have to go anywhere and you can receive information about the topics you care about.

Screenshot from the author of chrome’s new tab.Screenshot from the author of chrome’s new tab.


I have personally benefitted from newsletters by getting the right information. And one really important aspect of subscribing to newsletters is the reminder that you get every time you receive an email. It motivates you to read and more often than not you end up reading something new!

#1 Kotlin Weekly

A weekly dose of Kotlin with great articles to read ranging from Kotlin for Backend, Android, and multiplatform. Kotlin has become my favorite pretty quickly and I have used it in Backend and Android development. I have shared the benefits of Kotlin in this post.

I really enjoyed reading this article in issue #213. If you are into FP you will enjoy reading that. It explains how to do FP in Kotlin using Arrow.

#2 GraphQL Weekly

A vibrant ecosystem of content, talks, and guides. GraphQL is gaining popularity and getting into the mainstream. Having multiple benefits over REST, makes it easier for clients to access only the required data. Github is using GraphQL APIs and you should check that out yourself. I have written another article about my experience using GraphQL for 6 months here.

One of the recent articles from the newsletter that I liked is this one. Talks about how GitHub’s mobile applications have used GraphQL to power new features.

#3 Flutter Weekly

The flutter ecosystem is rapidly growing and for a good reason. This newsletter provides the best content published in the Flutter community by authors around the world. Flutter lowers the bar to entry for building apps. It speeds up the development of apps and reduces the cost and complexity of app production across platforms.

You should try it for yourself with this beginner tutorial that implements a calculator.

#4 Distributed Systems

All things related to distributed architecture and systems. With blogs, videos, and books giving you insights on microservices, tracing, data lakes, databases, etc. This is one of my favorites newsletters, simply because I have been working with micro-services architecture for a while now. I have gotten plenty of insights into the articles curated in this newsletter. One of the recent issues had a great resource with loads of concepts around Architectural Patterns for resilient systems.

#5 Frontend Focus

This newsletter, formerly named HTML5 Weekly, from Cooper Press (as a number of inclusions in this post are) focuses on web standards, HTML, CSS, and related technologies. I am a noob when it comes to frontend technologies, and I try to keep myself up to date by reading a few blogs from this newsletter.

#6 Frontend Weekly

Frontend Weekly covers similar topics to Frontend Focus (i.e. web standards, HTML, CSS) but often with very different links.

#7 Node Weekly

A Cooper Press newsletter focused on the Node ecosystem or relevant articles on the JavaScript language.

#8 Hackernewsletter

A weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand from the popular Hacker News site.

#9 DB Weekly

A weekly round-up of database technology news and articles covering new developments, SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more.

#10 NoSQL Weekly

A free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, new releases, events, tools and libraries, jobs, etc related to NoSQL.

#11 Python Weekly

A free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, software, events, tools and libraries, jobs, etc related to python.

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